Customer Testimonials


I have had several years of experience with CPS Medical. And I can truly say that it has all been top service!!! My last patient was Mr. W.E. Glazebrook at Parlment. Scott and some of your other delivery staff will remember him and myself.

Truly, W.J.

Great service!! I would not consider using another medical supplier with the service we have had from CPS Medical.

Mr. D.P.C

I have dealt with CPS for many years and have always been very pleased with the service. John has been extremely helpful over the years. The service department has also been helpful.

Thank you,



Dear Friends,

Thank you for all your kindness during my brother, Carl Farber’s, use of your equipment while he was with us the 9 months before his passing away and then after that when Tony (Elton) was ill and passed away in November 1998. Your equipment was clean and useful. The instruction complete and helpful. The therapists were kind and through -- even patient with my grumpy old husband when he felt bad. Luther (your delivery man) was always on time and left me with encouraging words. I certainly did miss them after Tony passed away and almost felt the week was not complete without seeing some of your personnel.

Tony heard some of the old ads that he had made for the CPS radio and let everyone know – “ Yes, that’s me on those ads and its all true what I said.”

I remember the film that you made here at our house – we were pretty amateurish in that – but hope you could use it.

I miss hearing the oxygen machine running, but know God has a plan for each of us and when Carl died and then Tony I knew their days were complete and I had to keep going for a little longer but not as their caregivers.

Thanks for all that your company did for me during a difficult time in my life. There’s a pot of coffee on the stove if you are in Hide-A-Way, Kevin, and we might even talk about some of your kinfolks from Victoria – and I’d like to hear some of your old jokes.

God Bless,